Nursery/Guest Room Reveal!

Well, the nursery is officially done so I give baby Campbell full permission to come at any time!!  This was a fun project as well as a painful project all in one. Let me tell you, the wood plank wall behind the crib is no walk in the park… it took many band-aids and a few swear words to get that little plank wall to behave correctly.  But, now that it is officially complete, I am enjoying it thoroughly 🙂 This room has come a long way with new carpet, scraped ceilings, light grey paint and new crown moulding and baseboards.  You can find the before pictures of this room here (if you’re interested).

gender neutral tribal nursery 2

tribal guest room & nursery Aztec guest room & nurseryabove changig table wall collageabove changing table decor gender neutral changing table wall collage grey cribgender neutral tribal nursery decor

Our newest project: Baby #3!!


In the midst of our chaos that is unpacking, renovating, working full time and keeping 2 tiny humans alive and well, we received the most awesome blessing!  In December, we found out that we are expecting our third child due August 21st, 2016! Like us, you are probably wondering how we will juggle the children, our renovation projects, work and pregnancy… I think our plan is to rely on a whole lot of grace and help from family & friends as well as liberating myself from the chains of trying to achieve constant “perfection”. I think Kylar is finally understanding that there will be another baby in the house and she has gone from wanting a little brother {in September} to wanting a little sister {in October} to not wanting ANY more babies {November, December, January} to wanting 2 more babies {named Stella and Joshua… she and the baby girl will be best friends and Cade and the boy will be best friends}!! Thankfully, the 4 year old does not have the final decision on our family planning 😉  But you gotta love the constant surprise that comes out of their mouths! We are seriously considering not finding out the gender of the baby until it is born.. I think it would be a fun surprise and Raynor really doesn’t think I can hold out that long so I’m even more motivated to prove him wrong!! 🙂

A few weeks ago, like a crazy person, I convinced my husband that it was a good idea to start the renovation on the kids bathroom in early January {right at the peak of 1st trimester fatigue…}.  Everything was going well and we made huge progress on the bathroom the first weekend. The next weekend, my dad came back to help us but I was pretty much USELESS as the beginnings of morning sickness {lets be real.. this stuff lasts ALL. DAY. LONG.} set in. So.. our 2 week project has turned into a 6 week project but we are so close to the finish line and it is looking so good!!  I am now about 12 weeks along and the nausea is still going strong although it is starting to give me some breaks here and there.  I am really hoping this stuff goes away at the end of the 1st trimester like everyone says or else this is going to be a looong 9 months with 2 little ones.  In the meantime, we will be wrapping our minds around 3 babies in our house while brainstorming children’s sleeping arrangements in our 3 bedroom house. So far, our plan is to let Kylar and Cade share a room {we are hoping this will solve some nighttime waking problems with the both of them… fingers crossed} and the other room will be a nursery with a guest bed in it.  We’ll keep you posted! 😉  See below for a few pics of the bathroom and click here for a post on bathroom updates!

DIY bathroom renovation 2
We found some pretty nasty things after the tile and wall were removed…
DIY bathroom renovation
The lovely floor after the linoleum was removed.


DIY bathroom reno 1
Remember that huge boxed light header that made the room feel tiny? Yep, that was the first thing to go!!


DIY bathroom shiplap
The beginnings of shiplap above the sink!

DIY tub shower backer board installation

DIY marble shower wall insert
Shower ledge for soap etc.
DIY tub shower marble wall
Loving these marble tiles!!



The Journey of our DIY bathroom renovation…

Ahh the kids bathroom… where do I begin?! It was by far the worst room in the house when we bought it so I am not exaggerating when I say I was itching to get started on this renovation.  The weekend of Jan. 1st, the in-laws graciously watched the kids for us and we got to work!  I am SO glad that my dad was able to come help or else the bathroom would not have made nearly as much progress as it had that weekend. Before we do a run down of this journey, let me remind you of where we began…



linen closet with carpet


DIY popcorn ceiling removal
See you later popcorn ceiling!!

Scraping the popcorn ceiling wasn’t as difficult as we thought it would be. Raynor bought a pump & spray contraption and filled it with water. He sprayed it over the ceiling and let it set for 10 mins then took a 10 inch metal scraper and just scooped the popcorn right off of the ceiling! I think it was a little easier in the bathroom because of all of the moisture in this room.

We used a spray ceiling texture and it was super easy and dried quickly.  Shake well, spray, let sit for 5 minutes, knock down the peaks with a foam scraper and you’re done! {more detailed post to follow}



DIY tile demoliton shower
Taking the tile off! I was pretty giddy at this point! 😉

Taking the tile off is pretty tedious.. thankfully I had no part in that!! Grab a hammer and chisel and tap away, piece by piece… about 3 hours later, the outdated tile was history!!

DIY bathroom reno mold
Womp, womp. We found mold!!! YUCK!

Surprise, Surprise.  A 30 year old bathroom with mold. Thankfully we tackled this project soon after moving in to take care of this unknown problem.  This wasn’t black mold and was pretty easy to take care of.. There was only sheet rock behind the tiles of the shower and if the tiles aren’t properly re-sealed every few years, you have a great environment for mold. We {and when I say we, I mean Raynor and my dad} cut down the sheet rock and ripped out all of the moldy insulation, sprayed 50/50 solution of Clorox and water on it and no more mold!

DIY bathroom reno demo

1980’s plumbing.. We moved up the shower head fitting by a foot so that way someone taller than 5′ can actually take a shower in there!
Backer board installation. Backer board is a cement board that is preferred for showers as it can help prevent mold.
See you later popcorn ceiling!!
DIY tub shower backer board installation
Once the backer board is installed, we covered the seams with mortar to seal it.
DIY bathroom renovation
No more linoleum!!
How gross is that brown outline of the toilet on the wall?!?
The mildewed carpet that was in the linen closet is GONE!! {and so is the smell..}
DIY bathroom reno 1
The huge header that housed the lights above the sink was removed and instantly made the room feel larger!
DIY bathroom renovation 4
We took the wall between the toilet and the sink back by 6 inches and made the room feel so much larger! I’m pretty sure my dad and Raynor were cursing me for this one! 😉 We had to move both light switches back which wasn’t easy..

DIY wall demo


DIY bathroom shiplap
The beginnings of shiplap above the sink!

DIY shiplap bathroom

bathroom with shiplap
We moved the light fixtures from the ceiling to the wall. This wasn’t easy but the guys figured it out!!
linen closet
New shelves going in the linen closet!!
DIY marble shower tile
Setting the first row of marble was the hardest part of the process {aside from measuring and cutting it}

DIY tub shower marble wallDIY marble shower wall insert 3DIY marble shower wall insert 2

DIY grey tile bathroom floor
LOVE this grey tile!!


We still have a lot of small details to finish, but they shouldn’t take too much longer! For now, here are some sneak peek photos of some of the most recent progress!

DIY grey tile floor

marble showershiplap bathroom

Refinishing Parquey Wood floors!

DIY parquet wood floor refinishing

After we got the keys to our new {old} house, our first order of business were the floors! The house had beautiful parquet wood floors that were in much need of a facelift. So, we rented a belt sander, an orbital sander and we had some hand sanders (for the corners and smaller areas that the larger sanders couldn’t reach) and got to work! First of all, if you don’t want dust everywhere, I would recommend buying thin plastic sheets and taping them over windows, doorways, air vents etc.  Because we hadn’t moved any furniture in, we weren’t so concerned about all of the dust. We bought 80 grit sand paper for the belt & orbital sanders for the first round of sanding and 120 grit sand paper for the second round of sanding to provide a more smooth finish.

DIY wood floor refinishing 1
belt sander
parquet wood floor redo
orbital sander around the baseboards
DIY paarquet wood floor refinish
hand sander for the more detailed areas

DIY wood refinish

The key to the belt sander is to go in one fluid motion and avoid sitting in one spot too long or else it will create an uneven area in the wood floor.  Thankfully, we had some awesome helpers with this project. We completed this project in one weekend but without all of the helpers, we definitely could not have finished the floors that quickly!!

After sanding, we vacuumed up dust with shop vac and used a micro fiber pad to clean the remaining dust off of the floor.  Then it was time for stain! We chose  Dark Walnut stain by MinWax and only needed a gallon and a half of stain.  The process that worked best for us was to have one person apply the stain with a soft painters cloth and let it soak for about 5 minutes and have another person wipe off the excess. It was somewhat of an assembly line. Once we got down the process, it didn’t take long at all!

DIY wood floor refinishing
the key is to do small sections at a time
parquet wood floor refinishing
The living room after stain application. What a difference!

The instructions for the stain that we used said dry time was between 8-12 hours depending on humidity. So at that point, we called it a night and came back in the morning to finish. For the polyurethane, we bought MinWax Super Fast Drying Polyurethane for Floors in Satin. What I like about this product is that it cured pretty quickly and you could either wait an hour between coats or 12 hours but if you wait 12 hours, then you will have to lightly sand the floor before you apply the second coat. We ended up missing our window of time for the second coat so we had to do a light sanding which meant we had to make sure we really cleaned the floors well and cleaned off all of the tiny dust particles from sanding. {if not, it causes a rough surface when the polyurethane is dry}


parquet wood floor reno
Using a microfiber pad, we cleaned the floors after lightly hand sanding the floors with a fine grit sand paper.

For the application of the polyurethane, we used lambswool applicators. This provides a very smooth and even application.


Use the smaller, hand held applicator for around the baseboards and edges.

parquet wood floor reno 2

wood parquet floors refinish

bedroom parkay wood floors refinished

dining parkay wood floor refinishing

Finished product! We could have easily hired a company to do this {and probably would have paid about $5000 to do it for us}. Instead we spent about $1500 {materials + labor} and the results are still amazing! It took us 3 full days to complete the master bedroom, living room, dining room, foyer and main hallway. Again, if we didn’t have the help it would have been a week long project!  I am so excited at how these turned out and it completely freshened up the look of these rooms! Now… on to tackling the wallpaper!!!

DIY parquet wood floor refinishing

New house tour!

We have officially been in our house for 2 weeks now and we are finally starting to settle in while slowly climbing out from underneath all of the boxes! The kids are loving the new house and the “dining room” that we use as a playroom. We are loving the awesome location of the house {5 minutes away from nearly anything} and I am starting to adjust to the “fixer upper-ness” of the house {although this floral wallpaper is about to drive me insane!!}.  We have already completed several projects {refinishing the hardwood floors, painting all bedrooms + laundry room, and revamping the living room bookshelves} but we have MANY more to go which is somewhat exhausting but invigorating at the same time! Although the house looks a little different now after our first few projects, I thought I would add the “blank canvas” photos of the house prior to moving day in order to reassure myself that we are making progress and tackling that HUGE to-do list!


The foyer is a nice space and future plans include taking down wallpaper, painting walls and the inside of the door and possibly board & batten on the walls.



The foyer is a nice space and future plans include taking down wallpaper, painting walls and the inside of the door and possibly board & batten on the walls.



The foyer is a nice space and future plans include taking down wallpaper, painting walls and the inside of the door and possibly board & batten on the walls.




The foyer is a nice space and future plans include taking down wallpaper, painting walls and the inside of the door and possibly board & batten on the walls.



The foyer is a nice space and future plans include taking down wallpaper, painting walls and the inside of the door and possibly board & batten on the walls.



The foyer is a nice space and future plans include taking down wallpaper, painting walls and the inside of the door and possibly board & batten on the walls.



The foyer is a nice space and future plans include taking down wallpaper, painting walls and the inside of the door and possibly board & batten on the walls.



The foyer is a nice space and future plans include taking down wallpaper, painting walls and the inside of the door and possibly board & batten on the walls.



The foyer is a nice space and future plans include taking down wallpaper, painting walls and the inside of the door and possibly board & batten on the walls.



The foyer is a nice space and future plans include taking down wallpaper, painting walls and the inside of the door and possibly board & batten on the walls.



The foyer is a nice space and future plans include taking down wallpaper, painting walls and the inside of the door and possibly board & batten on the walls.

So, there you go! We have our work cut out for us but we are pretty excited to make this place our own for a long time! 🙂

DIY: Laundry Room Redo!


I don’t know what inspired this project… maybe it was the haphazard, crazy/disorganized laundry room that drove my type A personality insane.. but I do remember my husband came home after I had decided to tackle this new “project” and he was {slightly} annoyed.. Any who… one weekend later and the project was complete! Now I present to you, our awesome, organized laundry room!! {sorry there are no “official” before photos… when I get a project in my head, there is no stopping me. There are a few in progress photos 🙂 }

First off… I want to mention that finding a paint color for this room was impossible very hard. I went through 3 different paint colors that I wasted spent $40 on before I finally settled on the same paint color that was already in my daughters room {Lowe’s Valspar – Linen in eggshell}.  After I finally decided on the color, I knew that I wanted a flat surface to fold clothes on where the socks wouldn’t fall through the back of the washer and dryer into the abyss.. So, I recruited my awesome, super helpful hubby to build me a wood counter top to lay over the washer and dryer!  Because he did this for me, I don’t have any photos explaining the process, but, he did use a Kreg Jig to make the counter and the process was similar to these tutorials. Once the counter was installed, I found a shelf from Lowes that held baskets {from world market} that I store my Laundry essentials in. Now that everything is organized, I feel that this space is so much more functional for the many hours I spend doing laundry!

laundry redo 1



Hanging vases are from IKEA
My little helper!


More than conquerors

Lately, I have been thinking there seems to be one trial and tribulation after another which often gets very exhausting and can bog my spirit down.  Sometimes it is hard to not get discouraged and wonder what God’s purpose is for that particular trial in my life.  First of all, I think these hard times are in some ways a gift because it shows us that He cares and is continually molding us in His image.  For example, if my daughter gets near the stove top and attempts to touch it, I am going to tell her not to do it.  If she decides to be contrary and do it anyways (which unfortunately, happens a lot) then I will physically remove her from that dangerous situation.  I think this is the same thing that God does with us.  A lot of times, he tries to send us messages through the holy spirit (much like my verbal warning to my daughter) but the majority of the time, we don’t listen.  So, sometimes he intervenes because he knows what is best for us. And, we learn a lot about ourselves, our relationship with God and our faith along the way.

Secondly, I think that although the Lord uses trials to better us and protect us, Satan tries to use them to make us weary.  However, I take comfort in the fact that I don’t have to rely on myself or my own means to take care of my situation.  The bible says “yet amid all these things we are more than conquerors  and  gain a surpassing victory through Him Who loved us.” (Romans 8:37 AMP)  We are more than conquerors!! That means that no matter what situation I may be facing, I know that I am victorious in Christ Jesus who gives me strength!  All of my debts will be paid, my sins forgiven and my family provided for! That is why I refuse to worry or fret what tomorrow may bring because I hold steadfast to the truth that I serve a mighty God who loves me deeply and already knows my path for the future.  I choose to not give Satan the victory over my situation by causing me anguish and frustration. Daniel 7:25 says “and he shall wear out the saints of the most high”.  This is why I am realizing it is ever important to remain strong and faithful in Him and to not be clouded by a haze of worldly fears and anxiety.  Life is much more peaceful with a God-centered heart!